Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"dudes acting all that"

Ever see a couple guys walk down the street, and one of them has their pants (probably a size or two too small) around their knees, white t-shirt/tank top tucked into their underwear (easily visible) and wearing a bandana under a cockeyes baseball cap?  Sure...we all have.  My Thought on dudes acting all that is these are the same guys who go to bars and flash bills and buy drinks for all the ladies in hopes of wooing one of them, but when they get them pregnant probably won't pay their child support.  If you see a real gem, he may be one that hangs out with his buddies (all dressed accordingly) and then goes home to mommy each night.  I say it this way to make you think these are teenagers I am talking about.  I'm not.  This is the 25 year-old who passed up on a life that could have had a decent education, a hard working job building mufflers or some shit like that (banking around $15/hr) and being able to support themselves and at least a significant other and maybe a kid if they didn't drink or smoke too much.  (Note-there will be a seperate blog about My Thoughts on parents who drink and smoke too much).

Why is it that I END UP SUPPORTING this garbage?  I mean...seriously?  The Darwin effect DID NOT WORK on this one. If you catch your son hanging out with these ilk, immediately call an intervention.  If that fails then find a way to sterilize them because they will most likey reproduce.

There is always a brief moment when I see them while driving where I want to gently veer off the road and onto the sidewalk mowing them down, but I am not here to do God's work.  I just do as we all do, and nod my head disapprivingly at them and pass on by.  I do admit that if I have ANP and BAP in the car, I am saying a thousand silent prayers they happen to not see them or just laugh at them as I do.

Anyways, that was My Thought on dudes acting all that.

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