Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Fittingly, my first post for "My Thought on..." will be on blogs.  My Thought on blogs has evolved from one of not caring about them to seeing a relavent need for them.  I used to think that anyone who had a blog simply had too much free time and couldn't figure out how to use it constructively so he/she would sit at a computer all day and write shit up to post on the vast internet for other people who had too much free time to read.  This may still be true (wink). 

As time has gone on and social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have given anyone a voice to be noticed, I have come to appreciate the variety of blogs out there.  Friends of mine have started their own blogs with a decent following, and I admit I am intrigued and curious to see if I will develop a following by the masses! 

My blog "My Thought on..." will consist of everything from simple posts about very unimportant and trivial topics to very contentious and controversial ones.  If I have a thought I feel like taking a little time to type up, you will see it.

So I hope you enjoy (whoever "you" is) :)


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