Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bangor getting a new arena

My Thought on..Bangor getting a new arena is that will be a positive move for the city that will become clearer as time passes.  It was a controversial issue here because we are in a recession and the new facility costs an estimated $65 million.  Another factor that turned a lot of people off from it being built is that a huge source of funding is from profits earned by Hollywood Slots Hotel and Raceway.

I am basing this paragraph on comments I heard from a customer where I work.  He was a religious fanatic from what I could tell.  I say this because he told me Hollywood Slots was built by the devil and is run by his demons.  He also said the storage trailers out back of the building house the dead bodies from random murders that must occur there on a nightly basis.  I countered simply by telling him I thought they hold the chairs and tables for events that take place there, but thanked him for letting me know I was wrong.

The summer waterfront concert series has been a moneymaker so far.  Why not let that continue year round in a state of the art arena?  You think this city rocks hard when ZZ Top and Charlie Daniels come to town?  Wait to see what happens when a good band from now shows up!!!!!

Seriously though, the opposition gathered over 2200 signatures to get their cause to a referendum vote.  When it came time to vote though they could muster only under 2000 votes.  Crushing win by the devil in Bangor!

I guess people went to the circus this past weekend and looked at the building like I did wondering if I was going to come out alive.

New arena coming soon!  Better concerts, sporting events and political icons will be coming here.  Enjoy Bangor!

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